Monday, May 1, 2017

Building, opposite 4 Br0adfie1d Rd. Br0admead0ws. There's really not much to see, but I thought I'd share it. Just a bunch of rooms around a central courtyard. I think it was part of the "M4yg4r 4rmy b4rr4cks" because it still has some 0z Defence F0rce stickers on the main entry.
Bit of an old story but I thought it was funny...
NASA developed the worlds blackest black (that's an interesting story in itself) but they gave the rights to "Anish Kapoor" who was the only artist that could use it.
So in protest, the person who came up with the worlds pinkest pink has banned Anish Kapoor from using it. You even have to sign a legal document saying you won't give it to him.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Maaaan... time flies when you're hav'n fun...
Anyways thought I'd better post something.
No abando's just stuff I thought was interesting.

Enjoy and see ya next year ;)

For those of you in the Christmas spirit, here's the real story of Christmas from anthropological studies. (click here)
or go to -

Some interesting use of fonts and the sun (click here)
or go to -
A friend had some "Lonely God" chips.
Now I know why he's lonely - They're CRAP.

Friday, July 1, 2016

OK here's the deal.

If you've ever tried to maintain a blog / website you'll know that it becomes tedious after a while. It's fun at the start and you're full of beans. After a few years it becomes tiresome.

So from today I've decided to make this blog sporadic in updates. I won't be updating monthly anymore (it might be 2, 3, or 4 months between updates).

Also I've decided to handball any abando's that I find to "Urbex Melbourne" on Facebook -
https:/ - so if you're looking for abandos head over to there.

Thanks to all those that have followed or sent in locations over the years it's been fun.

Stay safe and happy exploring...